Five reasons to buy properties in Armenia



  • If you live in a rented house and you pay monthly rent fees, you are wasting your salary. Why? Because you work and you spend a notable part of your salary on your housing and actually you contribute to someone else’s pocket. In fact you waste that money. To avoid this situation, we recommend you to mortgage via banks and the funds that you were contributing to someone else’s pocket, will go towards your own house, and the Best House Real Estate will be there for you to assist with all arrangements.


  • If you have any savings and for some reason you are not sure whether to keep them at home, in the bank or elsewhere, then perhaps you should thing that contributing Real Estate is the best way to save. For example, buying an apartment in Yerevan, firstly you will have capital, which you will never lose, and secondly, it will bring you income if you give it for rent. Especially, you can make a big profit by buying an apartment in the center of the city or in the surrounding areas.


  • It is very important that any Armenian living abroad has Real Estate in Armenia. Today's reality and the unfriendly situation in the world leads to the fact that no Armenian is insured to feel on earth as safe as on his homeland. Consequently, Best House encourages all our compatriots living abroad to obtain Real Estate in Armenia; an apartment, a private house, land or a commercial space. The above investments in Armenia can also generate profit by leasing. There are tourism organizations in Yerevan that are ready to rent long-term apartments and to lease them on daily rent, mainly in the case when the apartments are in the center or in Arabkir community.
  • If you are a registered employee and have an income tax, today you can buy an apartment in Yerevan with a law income tax return with a mortgage loan. By buying an apartment from a developer, the state pays a significant portion of your bank interest and it turns out that you own an apartment in Yerevan and part of the cost of the apartment instead of you is paid by the state from your income.


  • Different business plans can be found in the real estate market.

      Let me give you some examples –

  1. Best House Real Estate will assist you to buy an apartment in Erevan without renovation with below market price , and the professionals in an agency, will assist you by organizing the renovation of the apartment and to sell the latter by adding about 30 percent of the purchase price. It turned out, that the investor got 30 percent income in 3 months which is quite high figure. 


  1. You can buy a land in Yerevan which is appropriate for an inhabited apartment with its location and emplacement and also for building apartment, making investments and to gain a huge income.


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