Why apply to real estate agencies?

Potential buyers of real estate often have doubts about whether to turn to agencies or try to find a suitable option on their own. Let's try to understand together in which case the customer will benefit both financially and in terms of time.

  • In developed countries, when a person decides to buy or sell real estate, he first goes to an real estate agency without even taking steps to find an option on his own. But why: What advantages and opportunities does it give? And finally, who is the real estate agent (hereinafter referred to as the broker)? Let's start from the very beginning.
  • Let's imagine that the real estate market is an unfamiliar country where a buyer or seller has gone on vacation, for example, trying to leave the country with the best experience and achievements. In this case, the real estate agent will be their guide, whose main goal is to fully meet the clients' expectations saving as much money and time as possible. In this big and complicated world, it is very important to find the right guide and avoid local scams. " 
  • And the most effective way to avoid personal and unknown guides is to contact a qualified guide agency. Well, don't look too much, let me tell you at once, the best real estate agents in Best House office are waiting for you. 

And so, some important questions, the answer to which, we are sure, will be useful for our potential customers. Who is the real estate agent, the broker? An agent in the real estate market is your closest relative and friend who should act according to your interests and desires. The broker is your lawyer, guide, experienced and knowledgeable supporter, who offers you the options that are as close to your preferences as possible, at the lowest cost, organizes the entire transaction correctly and safely, and finally gives you legally "clean" property without further unpleasant surprises. So, the address of real estate agency is Best House Realty, 38 Mesrop Mashtots Ave, Yerevan 0002 , tel number 094-90-30-12