In Armenia in 2019 real estate purchase and sale deals


In 2019, 51,508 real estate transactions were concluded in the Republic of Armenia, of which the highest interest rate was 34.6% in Yerevan and the lowest in Vayots Dzor - 1.5%. In 2019, the number of trade transactions increased by 12.9% compared to 2018, and in Yerevan increased by 1.3%. The highest percentage in Yerevan was recorded in apartment sales - 62.9%, and the lowest in production - 1.2%. Compared to 2018, the number of home sales in Yerevan decreased by 4.2%, from 11,700 to 11,212. Most real estate transactions in Yerevan were in Kentron administrative districts, followed by Arabkir administrative districts, with the lowest percentage in Nubarashen district - 0 ,8%. In 2019, 6204 real estate transactions were committed by foreign nationals, which made up 12.0 percent of total real estate transactions. Of the 1,975 sale and purchase transactions, foreign nationals were the sole buyer, and 3,972 were the sole sellers, and both parties to the 257 sale transactions were foreign nationals. For the most part, foreigners buy real estate in Yerevan.