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"Best House" Real Estate Agency continues its active activity in real estate sales and lease transactions.

There are some changes in the real estate market in Armenia due to coronavirus disease period.

There is a visible deflation in the rental market, I think the reason is clear to everyone. Tourists do not come to Armenia, apartments are free for daily rent, so they hand over their houses at low prices, which affects long-term rental prices, ► but , to everyone's knowledge, this situation will not last long for many different reasons

And let me talk about real estate sales

We meet in conversations that real estate prices in Armenia will fall by up to 30%. In our opinion, these are just thoughts expressed without analysis, which do not correspond to reality. Even if there is a deflation, it may be an average of 3% -7% over the next year; However, there is another version that if the air route is open, it is very possible that a large number of our Armenian from abroad will flow to the Homeland, therefore, the prices may even increase. yes don't rule it out, they can grow. ► So if you want to buy real estate, now is the time. A large assortment of real estate is featured on the Best House Real Estate website, you can choose and buy your favorite apartments, and professional agents, following the safety rules, are always ready to be helpful with their positive advice.

Best Regards from "Best House" Real Estate Agency